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New Wild Hearts Gameplay Video Showcases the Golden Tempest Kemono in Action

In this Wild Hearts gameplay video from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, we get to see a group of hunters as they battle the Golden Tempest Kemono, a giant nature-infused tiger that wields golden wind to protect its territory. During this gameplay, we also get to see an assortment of weapons utilized, including swords and ranged weapons, as the hunters attempt to take down this beast. There’s also plenty of usage of the Karakuri crafting system, which is an ancient technology that allows players to u

Dead Space Remake Features a New Game Plus Mode

While EA’s and Motive’s Dead Space Remake releases in two days, the pair is still dropping news about the game. The latest news is that the Dead Space Remake will indeed have a New Game Plus mode, which the original game didn’t have. Included in this New Game+ mode, players will be treated to a new type of enemy called “Phantom Variant Necromorphs.” Nothing has been said about how much tougher or new abilities these enemies will have, so we’ll have to wait until players eventually beat the game

Justin Roiland has resigned from High on Life Developer Squanch Games

Squanch Games, the development studio co-founded by Justin Roiland, has confirmed that Justin has resigned from the studio. Squanch Games recently released the title High on Life for the Xbox and PC. Yesterday we reported that Adult Swim had parted ways with the Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland. According to Squanch Games, Roiland submitted his resignation on January 16th, 2023. Earlier in January 2023, it was reported that Justin Roiland was charged with felony domestic battery and f

Alternate History FPS Atomic Heart Has Gone Gold

Mundfish, the developer of the alternate history first-person shooter Atomic Heart, has announced that the game has gone gold. In a recent tweet, the studio revealed the news and thanked its partners and everyone involved in with game’s creation. We want to bring you incredible news that Atomic Heart has gone GOLD. Thanks to our partners and everyone who is involved in this exciting project! And, first of all, thank you all for staying with us and supporting Atomic Heart. Can’t wait to see you

Forza Motorsport (2023) is Looking Like a Proper Next-Gen Racing Title

During the Xbox Developer Direct, Turn 10, the team behind the upcoming Forza Motorsport, revealed some juicy information that Xbox and PC racing fans will love. Right out of the gate, several of Turn 10 Studios members talked about their respective departments and what they were working. Forza Motorsport will feature over 500 cars, 800 unique upgrades. The game will sport greater physics system than that of Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Motorsport 6, and Forza Motorsport 7, which will affect how

Arkane’s Vampire Slaying Title Redfall Gets a May 2023 Release Date

Bethesda’s upcoming vampire shooter Redfall now has a release date of May 2nd, 2023, after being delayed from its 2022 release, during the Xbox Developer’s Direct. Redfall and Starfield were both delayed by Bethesda on May 12, 2022. During the Developer’s Direct, we also got to see a nice amount of gameplay footage, 10 minutes of it. That’s double what we’ve seen since the last Xbox and Bethesda showcase that took place last year. During this footage, we looked at the lighthouse story mission,

New Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Showcase Has Deejay and Dhalism Battling

Capcom has released new Street Fighter 6 gameplay footage, this time between the two Street Fighter familiars, Dhalism and Deejay. Geez, Capcom, it hasn’t even been 24 hours after your last gameplay footage between Marsia and Manon… Keep it up. This match is an excellent indication of how both of these characters play, but fans of the series will likely notice that both are similar to their past incarnations. Dhalism is still a mid-screen zoner with his limbs and his various fire-based attacks,

New Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Showcase Match Between Manon and Marisa

Capcom has released new Street Fighter 6 gameplay footage, this time between the two new female characters, Marisa and Manon. This match showcases the differences between the grappling characters, as Manon performs Judo and performs fast strikes to make her way into opponents to perform graceful grapples. While Marisa is a powerhouse, who unleashes slower but more powerful strikes and damaging grappling moves, and she reminds me more of an MMA fighter. She’s also quite tall, and when she uses

‘Rick and Morty’ Will Continue, Justin Roiland is Out Per Adult Swim

Adult Swim has planted its feet and has announced that ‘Rick and Morty’ will continue, and it is hard at work on Rick and Morty Season 7. However, Justin Roiland, the show’s co-creator, will not be part of that, as Adult Swim has severed its ties with him. Earlier in January 2023, it was reported that Justin Roiland was charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment in Orange County, California. This is due to an alleged incident that occurred in January 2020 toward an unnamed woma

Gulikit is working on DualSense Edge Hall effect sensor Joystick Replacements

Gulikit has revealed that the company is working on a Hall effect sensor joystick replacement for the PlayStation DualSense Edge controller. The DualSense Edge features modular analog sticks that make them swappable, making them a prime candidate for Gulikit to work on next. For those not in the know, Hall effect sensor joysticks, which were, oddly enough, used for the Sega Saturn Nights into Dreams and Dreamcast controllers, are superior to what is being used in PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and

Is your PC capable of playing the Dead Space Remake?

In five days, EA and Motive Studio’s Dead Space Remake gets released on January 27, 2023. With that, the minimum and recommended PC requirements have been revealed, but the question is, is your PC capable of playing the game? Both are looking at 16 GB of memory, and not 32 GB, unlike another upcoming PC title. With a GPU that has been readily available for the past 6-7 years. Hopefully, this means that just about everyone who isn’t running a potatoes PC will be able to check out this survival h

343 Industries Will Continue to Develop Halo Games

343 Industries wants to assure everyone that Halo isn’t going anywhere and will continue developing the flagship shooter. In a recent Tweet, the developer has stated that “Halo and Master Chief are here to stay. 343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now, and in the future, including epic stories, multiplayer, and more of what makes Halo great,” per 343i’s studio head, Piere Hintze. It’s fair to say that Halo Infinite hasn’t had the best of starts, and even after a while, the game is sti

Crystal Dynamics Confirms That Marvel’s Avengers is Done

After a rocky start and, to be quite honest, an equally rocking life, Marvel’s Avengers is coming to an end. Crystal Dynamics has announced on the official Marvel’s Avengers website that after 2.5 years, the game will be officially dead following the last update on March 31, 2023. Trying to access the official website as of now is hit and miss due to thousands of fans trying to find out what’s going on. Even after official support ceases on September 30, 2023, both single- and multi-player gam

Forspoken PlayStation 5 Launch Trailer

Lead Frey Holland on an unforgettable journey in her search for a way home after being mysteriously transported to an ancient, fantastical land in Square Enix’s upcoming isekai title, Forspoken. Forspoken is the second game developed on Square Enix’s Luminous Engine, with the first being Final Fantasy XV. According to the developers, this should be a fantastic showcase for the PS5. However, on the PC side of things, the high PC requirements had caused many to speculate if it would also be indic

Everything We Know About Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are preparing a brand new action RPG, called Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, that will take players to the era of the Three Kingdoms, and tossing them into a dark fantasy adventure that may be familiar to those who’ve played. In fact, you could call this a spiritual successor to Nioh. It’s one of my anticipated games of 2023; as such, we’ve provided as much information as possible about the upcoming dark fantasy Soulslike title. Did I mention I can’t wait to get my hands on t

Returnal Officially Heads to the PC on February 15

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the release date for Housemarque’s tough-as-nails PS5 shooter, Returnal, and the title heads to the PC on February 15th, 2023. The game is priced at $59.99, and will be available on Steam and the Epic Game Store. First rumored in 2023, then eventually revealed during 2022 The Game Show, Housemarque’s Returnal is the next PlayStation title that will grace the PC. But more importantly, it will be the first PlayStation 5 title, hopefully opening the door

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Has Sold Over 10 Million Copies Since Its Release

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been breaking numbers since it was released, and now the company has sold over 10 million copies. That’s damned good for an expansion to a game, Monster Hunter World, that has also broken several records as well. For many MHW: Iceborne is the best version of Monster Hunter to date, and after playing several of them myself, I’m inclined to agree. Adding new features and improving on those from the base game, Iceborne continued the story from Monster Hu

PSVR 2 Launch Lineup Is Looking Even Better With New Additions

PlayStation has revealed 13 more titles that will be available when the PSVR 2 launches on February 22, 2023. With these new games added, the PSVR 2 will have plenty of games available for anyone who’s picking up the second generation of PlayStation VR. Sadly, there’s still no mention of Beat Saber, which would have been a phenomenal launch title for the PSVR 2. I suppose PlayStation will reveal that title when the time is right, but not having it available for the launch is a huge miss, to me

New Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Trailer Provides A Snippet of the Story

A brand new trailer for Koei Tecmo’s upcoming action RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has been released. While the previously released trailers were all about action, and showcasing the gameplay, now we’ve received a snippet of the story that will progress throughout the game. Of course, we’re also given a look at the dark fantasy theme, which is very similar to another Koei Tecmo action RPG, Nioh. Based on the period of the Three Kingdoms, an era that Koei Tecmo often revisits, players will dive

Remnant from the Ashes is Headed to the Nintendo Switch

One of my favorite games is making its way to the Switch. No, not Dark Souls, that’s already on the Switch — Remnant from the Ashes. Ironically, this comes after the rumor that the title was heading to the Switch, back in December 2021. Remnant from the Ashes is one of Gunfire Games best games, and one of my favorite action RPGs. Take the role of the one who has been selected to save the world, and in doing so, you’ll find yourself taking on all sorts of interesting creatures, traveling to new
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